Deadstock Sell & Payment Policy

  1. Goods Sell back to The shirt shop should have to be neat and clean and should not be worn.
  2. Goods should have barcode exactly what is used at the time of bill generation.
  3. Payment will be released once goods received and checked.
  4. Shipping charges have to be paid by the retailer when sending deadstock. 
  5. 5% depreciation will be charged by the shirt shop when taking back goods.
  6. Deadstock selling will be activated after the return policy deactivated.
  7. The rates provided for the dead stock product from “The shirt shop” are final and no negotiations will be entertained on that.
  8. The rates provided for the deas stock are subject to change without any prior notice on the sole discretion of The shirt shop.
  9. The final discretion is of “The Shirt Shop” in case of any grievances.
  10. According to the subscription terms & condition the returnable value and will be accumulated on each buy from the platform on the basis of the subscription taken.
  11. The returnable value will be accumulated until the buying has been done while the subscription is active for the user account.
  12. The Sell your dead stock option will only be available while any subscription is active on the user account.
  13. Once the returnable value got accumulated in a user account it will be stored for future use any time without lapsing.
  14. The returnable value cannot be transferable to another user account.
  15. The returnable value will be live against the existence of “The shirt platform” and cannot be redeemed in any other form or through litigation.
  16. The shirt shop reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of this policy at any time and without any prior written notice to the dead stock seller or retailer. It is the responsibility of the dead stock seller or retailer to review this policy periodically for updates/changes.

Payment Against the dead stock sold

  1. Payment against the dead stock will be done upon physically receiving and checking of the material.
  2. Material received in damaged, used or mismatched condition will be settled accordingly.
  3. The shirt shop is providing this facility for brand new items only there fore no payment will be released against visibly used items.
  4.  Payment for the items does not contain the brand tag or barcode label will be held.
  5. For the Parcels received in damaged or torn condition or containing the material not fall under the brand new category. The shirt shop reserves the right to return it to the retailer, in such cases the return shipping charges will be born by the retailer.