We are new, we are young, we are on the mission. That’s what we are. “The Shirt Shop” is a story of Aspirations of millions of Retailers and Manufacturers across India. As “The Shirt Shop” we promise three things “Simple”, “Effective” & “transformational” tech solution to the biggest and very basic problems in apparel supply chain. Our deep understanding of the market has given us the inspiration to solve these problems.

We have manufacturers directly integrated to our platform. Offering  their latest designs and collections without any wholesaler, distributor or trader involve. Now thousands of retailers can buy latest products for their shops without any hidden margins and actual cost that too with discounts up to 20-25%.  At the comfort of their homes without spending on travel to different markets.

B  U T     T H I S    I S     N O T     I T..

We told you “We are Awesome” and We are on the mission. Our mission is to hit the Dead stocks hard and eliminate it from the shops therefore we take a unique solution to the market. First time in the history a retailer now can actually sell its dead stock instantly on a click at the wholesale rate and get the money directly to his account .Without even moving a single feet out of his shop.

We integrate awesome tech for that, the Shipping and handling of all the material will be managed by “The Shirt Shop”.

Our simple interface of the website and application, our analytics and recommendation engines, our delivery to the 26000 Pin codes our line of credit, enables the retailer to actually drive incremental revenues and churn out the additional money stuck in the form of dead stocks. The whole experience of “The Shirt Shop” Platform is so easy & convenient that a distinct retailer sitting at the far most market can take advantage and always lands in profit.

We proudly dedicate “The Shirt Shop” to the market and its hard working retailers.

First time when we thought of building a solution. We imagine Manufacturers & Retailers using it. Therefore we make it “Simple” & “Effective”. The retailer has to buy a simple subscription through the platform and start buying products sourced directly from the manufacturers in different categories from kids to women and men. Just clicking on the “Sell your dead stock button” on the applications they can sell the dead stock up to 20% of the bill value of the stock they purchase from the platform with no questions asked policy. The total returnable value will be accumulated and displayed in your app and you can use it any time you want without expiry. Simply create the invoice through the platform and pack the material. We will pick it up and credit you for the money. It is as simple as selling on your counter.

Our Vision

We already talked about how awesome we are. And what mission we have. But the power of all these lies in our vision. A vision which is not the outcome of days but years, 8 Years precisely. Yes we are in market from last 8 years, seeing numerous shops shutting down, people getting out of business having problems with customers, margins and dead stocks. Therefore our vision is “To create a totally profitable retail business environment for all the retailers associated with us”.

History of the Beginning

Before the awesome era, our core team involved in to manufacturing and distribution of apparels. And being in the business we realise many problems which needs an urgent solution to it. Having deep knowledge and tech degrees we started thinking about the solution. We came up with many solutions & built many MVP’s. After continuous feedbacks and market research from last 2 years we finally built a sustainable solution to create value for every stake holder involved with us.

Cooperate with Us!

We are new but we are dedicated. We are here for you because all of you awesome people makes us awesome. Please cooperate and gives us another chance if in some way we are not able to fulfill your expectations. We are evolving and we are learning and you are the mentors to teach us. Please provide feedback and valuable insights. Maybe next time you will get the best from us. Till then please keep us with you. Because together we will change the retail forever.

What can we do for you ?

We know shopping is all about mood, and you can be in the mood of shopping any time of the day or night. Therefore we are here for you 24×7. For all your doubts and issues.

Quality is a major concern for you, and we realize it with our strict terms & conditions with the suppliers. We are at our tows to solve any problem with the damaged goods and provide easy returns for the same.

We understand the need for material for your shop at the right time. For that, we tied up with the best delivery partners like Gati, FedEx, Delhivery, Blue dart and many more. To provide you the best and the safest deliveries just at the right time.

Our strong customer support is there for you 24×7

Our strong ethics and dedication for our work gives us the first 5000 happy customers quickly. Its just the 1st tiny step towards the ultimate goal of serving you all.